Monday, November 25, 2013

Ants, driving, beauty and the Kingdom

November is almost over. How in the world did that happen? I know people say this all the time, but there is truth in this statement: time is passing way to quickly. In just 3 weeks, it will be time for our Christmas break.  I will not be able to go home for Christmas and it was nearly my undoing only because I've been a bit homesick lately. However, as sad as I am over this, it will be fine. I will survive. There must be a reason, so I will take comfort in that. Silver lining: it will be very quiet in the house and I will have a lot of time to read.

Just a few things to mull over since my last update.  First, Ants. Yes ants. If I never ever see another ant in my life, I will be a happy girl. There seem to be an overabundance of ants here in Suriname. They are everywhere and in everything. BUT, with that said, I'd MUCH rather have an ant problem than a roach or spider problem. They say things grow bigger in the tropics, and I think I may agree. I have seen some pretty big roaches and spiders. Thankfully, not in my house. Just ants in the house. So, I think I can live with that. Although, I will still reserve the right to be highly annoyed at them. ;-)

Next, driving. They drive on the opposite side of the road here. It has taken some getting use to. I really don't like driving. But sometimes I just have to. When turning, I still have to remind my self, "stay left, stay left."  I was out and about on Saturday and almost turned the wrong way into on coming traffic. Oi Vey. Even when walking, I forget about the opposite lane thing and sometimes look in the wrong direction before stepping out. I almost got hit a few weeks ago because I was looking the wrong way first and almost stepped in front of an oncoming car.

It is the little things in life. Like the beautiful Suriname sunrises.  Captured this beauty one morning as I walked to school. 

Walked out my back door one evening, and saw the beautiful full moon beginning its rise in the sky. 

Suriname sunset. This is just one of many beautiful sunsets I have witnessed since living here. 

Saturday night, the International Academy staff had an American Thanksgiving. 
There was a lot of GOOD food, fellowship and laughs. I don't know about the others, but I know I ate way too much food. I was miserable once I got home and tried to sleep. Heartburn is not fun. But it was worth it! 

And last, the Kingdom.  I am still in awe that I am in another country.  Sometimes, when I am out and about and see the different people and hear the different languages, I just start grinning like an idiot. I just LOVE it. I love watching people and listening to them, even though I don't understand what they are saying. Which in some cases, is probably a good thing!   Sunday night, I went with a friend to an Assembly of God church here in Paramaribo. They had a praise and worship service that was led by a team from Trinidad. It was really a neat experience. At one point in the service, I started looking around at the congregation. Most were praising, some were swaying. I thought, this is what it will be like in heaven. It won't just be white people, or black people or just in English. It will be people from ALL nations and ALL languages together praising God.  I think that is why I love teaching at IAS so much. I have children from 8 different countries in my class. I literally have the nations in my room. Some days it makes me weep. I love them so much and am so very thankful that God is allowing me to minister to these precious ones. The Kingdom of God is here. 

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