Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Poem for the birthday girl

A very happy birthday to my baby-bear, Shelby. 22 years old today! I love you to the moon and back. Wish I could be with you.  Here is a little poem I wrote for you. :-) Love you much, Shelby!

Ten fingers, ten toes.
Blue eyes and a cute nose.

Squirming, screaming,
Your papa beaming.

Midnight cries and feedings,
First steps and your mama pleading
for sleep, precious sleep.

School days,
Your sassy ways,

Feeling brave,
And misbehaves.

Leads to timeouts
And your shouts
As mama does some spanking.

Missing teeth, braces, and makeup,
All too soon, my baby is growing up.

Friends and School dances,
Not always studying, & sometimes taking chances,

What ever you did and where ever you went,
God usually gave your mama a hint,
Kept you honest and safe.

Graduation came all too soon,
Mama cried her usual tune,
Baby is growing up.

On your own,
Working and a home.

Paying bills, cooking and cleaning,
No longer on mama are you leaning.

No more a baby
But a beautiful young lady.

Happy Birthday my sweet girl.

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